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(Video) Gym fail lol.
  DooMeR, Oct 10 2015

So wanted to throw this clip up for you guys. And let you guys see me fail lol. I was supposed to do a set of 10 with 200. Instead I accidentally had put on an extra 10lb plate on the left side. So it turned out it was an off balance 210. When I unracked the weight I felt it pull to the left but since this bar had no knurling on the middle I thought I was just off center. (even though it felt right since I had positioned my hands first to gauge the middle. But instead of checking I just corrected for the imbalance and continued. Anyway since getting to watch the video. I found a big problem with my squat. I am letting my elbows drift too far back with this new hand positioning. I brought my grip in tighter recently and havent had a lot of time to play with it. So didn't realize my elbows were drifting so far back. Making it harder on myself to stay tight and upright. Because my lats arent as engaged. Will have to fit but all in all. It's important to pick your technique apart constantly and see where you can improve.

EDIT: here's another video shot with my cellphone. I used the same stance as last time and same setup (btw my belt isnt actually on : P i was about to get to my heavier weights and it occurred to me to just do a set pausing at the bottom so i never latched it.)

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Video up! The A's for your Q's.
  DooMeR, Oct 05 2015

Before I forget. If you like the video. Give it a like .
I really liked the questions. Definitely a lot of them I wouldn't have thought to make a video about. So it's nice to know I can cover topics that are closer to what you guys actually want to know. A lot of times some questions can be answered really quickly and wouldn't warrant a whole 10 minutes. So I would just naturally skip over them and not bother. But in this format I can dial it in to specifics of what someone might be struggling with, and hopefully point them in the right direction. If you guys have more questions ask away. And tell me what you guys thought. Btw. It's raining outside so the apartment was a bit dark ;P.

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Monster Q&A.
  DooMeR, Oct 03 2015

Alright so I've been struggling for video ideas today. And was thinking I should just do a Q&A with any questions you guys might have. What im going to do is collect some questions here. If you have questions about exercises, programming, or any sort of workout related question. I'll be answering it in a video. And what I'll do is try and blast through as many as I can while still giving a (hopefully) good answer. And then if anyone has any further questions about something. Or thinks I need to go more indepth into something. Hopefully having a big range of topics and some answers will lead to more questions. Thus giving me more topics . Hell. Even if you dont have a question. But just want another opinion on something let me know. I'll try and give something like a minute to each question/comment. And make it around a 10 min video. Lets see how this works out.

Oh and if for any reason someone wants to ask a question anonymously. Thats fine too just PM me. I'll include it in the video but without your ID.

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